meet rachel

wife. photographer. entreprenuer. dreamer.

As much as I'd love to start off by saying how photography has always been my life and passion, I can't! Truthfully? I had no idea I wanted to be a photographer until I became one! I have always liked taking pictures - whether it be from my little point-and-shoot camera that I brought around with me when hanging with friends, or the very "artsy" photos I would take of my black converse shoes surrounded by fall leaves with my mom's fancy DSLR that she told me not to touch. I just always liked the idea of capturing a memory and being able to hold onto it forever.

I always viewed photography as a hobby and a hobby alone. Going through high school and after graduating, I never even considered going into photography as a career! I was stuck between a rock and a hard place as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. This is when my lovely husband came in! He suggested I just say "screw it!" and to go for a career in photography since he knew I loved it so much. I took the biggest risk of my life and have never once looked back! I initially started photographing only portraits (seniors, families, etc.) but I did get the opportunity to be a second shooter for another photographer which is when I realized that weddings were where my heart was! I just absolutely fell in love with love! From there, I transformed my business into focusing on couples & weddings and it is truly my favorite thing in the world! I truly value every single one of my couples and cherish the friendships that we create!

When it comes to my personal life, I'm the oldest child of four kiddos & graduated from high school in 2012. I met my husband at 18 and we were married at 20! I look back and sometimes can't believe how young we were (and still are!) but am so thankful of this beautiful path we get to walk together! We currently live in Kirkland, Washington in a cute little townhome  that we share with our two hyper pups & our old decrepit cat. I wouldn't trade our life for anything!